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How Often Do You Need to Visit the Dentist?

How Often Do You Need to Visit the Dentist? We’ve all been told that visiting the dentist regularly is an important part of maintaining good oral health, but how often do you really need to make a visit to the dentist? Many dentists, such as Dr. Herrmann, tell you to schedule general appointments with them […]

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Dental Health and Diabetes

Can Diabetes Cause Poor Dental Health? If you’ve ever had the flu or a sinus infection, you know that your whole body can be affected by one simple virus. Did you know that your bodily health and dental health are connected as well? Your doctor can detect disease or infection by simply taking a sample […]

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Going Camping? Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth

Are you getting ready for a big camping trip that involves being out in the wilderness, away from your bed, a fully functioning bathroom, and your useful kitchen appliances? Some people tend to over pack when they’re going to be living away from their home out in the woods or desert, but it’s also easy […]


Why Are Some Sodas Worse for Your Teeth Than Others?

Why Are Some Sodas Worse for Your Teeth Than Others? Soda and Your Smile Soda is a beverage that over half of the American population enjoys daily, and of those 165 million people, the average amount consumed is about two and a half glasses.   Drinking soda in excess has been linked to countless health […]

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The History of Dental Hygiene

A Comprehensive Journey Through the History of Dental Hygiene Cleaning Your Teeth Isn’t Something Your Dentist Made Up Do you remember the first time someone told you that you needed to brush and floss your teeth every day? For most of us, that came at an early age, and even though it sounded daunting, your […]