Sugar can wreak havoc on your dental health.

America’s Sugar Addiction & Its Effect on Oral Health

Meet Larry Hammons, a Kentucky native that has a serious infatuation with soda. Larry is barely 18 years old, yet needs 26 of his remaining teeth to be extracted and replaced with dentures.   “As a kid, I was never worried about my teeth and I would take a pop everywhere I went,” Larry recalls […]

Dental team working with a patient.

Myths About Fraudulent Dentists

There is a lot of negativity surrounding dentistry. A general disdain for dentists is pretty prevalent in society.   For instance, the popular website, BuzzFeed has a gif filled article titled, “21 Things Everyone Who Hates the Dentist Will Understand.”  It goes through a list of dental bashing. Hating people in surgical masks, getting anxious […]

oil pulling What is oil pulling and can it really help improve your dental health?

The Scoop on Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a new fad in “DIY” medicine, where people swish with oil for about 20 minutes a day. Advocates of oil pulling claim that it whitens teeth, improves gum health, reverses cavities, and cures hangovers, along with helping with a range of other ailments.   There are a lot of big claims about […]

dental implants Did you that Neanderthals had impressively good dental hygiene?

Missing Teeth: Always Out of Fashion

  With more than 35 million toothless Americans, according to the College of Prosthodontists, tooth loss continues to be a pertinent issue in the United States. “Periodontal disease is associated with age, and as Americans live longer and retain more of their natural teeth, periodontal disease may take on more prominence in the oral health […]

What's to come for Dentistry-Review?

What’s to Come to Dentistry-Review

David, 39 (Florida), didn’t think that missing tooth to the back of his bottom arch would give him any problems, so he decided to leave it unreplaced. Two months ago, his dentist showed him evidence of a gradual caving-in of the tooth on the gap’s right and recommended a dental implant.   “Okay,” said David, “let’s […]