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How Does Dental Health Affect Your Kidneys?

How Dental Health Affects Your Kidneys Your body is a complex system, and each part plays a specific role in keeping you healthy. Your kidneys, in particular, are responsible for keeping your body free of infection. However, too much bacteria build-up can make them fail at their job, allowing diseases to form. According to dentists […]

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Does Biting Your Nails Damage Your Teeth?

Nail-biting is a habit many people develop at some point in their life. Whether they do it to shorten their nails, are anxious, or just bored, it can often be a habit that’s hard to break. It might even seem harmless. However, biting your nails can affect more than just the appearance of your nails. […]

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The Worst (and Best) Sodas for Your Teeth

The Worst (and Best) Sodas for Your Teeth In May of 2019, a video of an egg immersed in Coca-Cola and Pepsi went viral after being posted on the popular video platform TikTok. The video supposedly showed the harmful effects of soda, completely dissolving the egg’s shell.    However, this video turns out to be […]

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Why Chewing Tobacco Isn’t Healthier Than Smoking

Most of us have heard or read about the dangers of smoking tobacco and how it can destroy your health. For whatever reason, smokeless chewing tobacco isn’t talked about nearly as much even though it presents most of the same risks.   If you enjoy chewing tobacco, it’s crucial that you understand the potential damage […]

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The Link Between Oral Health and Systemic Disease

How Your Oral and Bodily Health are Connected The Interconnected Body The impact of your oral health goes beyond cavities and tooth issues. Your mouth is the gateway to your body and diseases that develop in the mouth can make their way to vital parts of your body.    Much of the bacteria in your […]