Will Sleep Apnea Affect Dreaming?

Sleep Apnea, REM Sleep, & Dreaming Dreams are created and derived from the brain, telling imaginative stories during sleep. They’re a collection of memories, pictures, ideas, and emotions. But for those with sleep apnea, your dreams could be compromised.  Learn about sleep apnea, your REM sleep cycle, and how combining the two can impact dreaming. […]

The Father of Modern Orthodontics: Edward Hartley Angle

The Emergence of Orthodontia Dr. Edward Hartley Angle has stimulated more progress and dichotomy in the field of orthodontia than any other individual in relative history. In fact, most people consider him the father of modern orthodontics. By the 20th century, Dr. Angle dominated the emergence of “orthodontia as a science and a specialty.” He […]

male dentist sitting in an exam room and smiling

3 Advantages of a Holistic Dentist

What’s Different About a Holistic Dentist? With the rising popularity of natural medicine, all kinds of doctors and medical professionals have been taking note and many have changed their practices. Though dentistry involves many chemicals and it can be difficult to use natural materials, some are determined to find a way. Holistic dentists, also called […]

Do Charcoal Products Benefit Your Teeth?

The Latest Trend in Cosmetics The demand for charcoal products has skyrocketed over the past year in the realm of cosmetic treatments. In spite of that, widespread popularity calls for a number of skeptical consumers questioning charcoal’s true benefits. Experienced dentists know the importance of progressive products and changing techniques in the field. That’s why […]


Why Sleep Apnea Exasperates PTSD

PTSD and sleep apnea are both serious medical conditions that threaten the patient’s physical and mental health when left untreated. Another thing they have in common is that the two ailments have only recently been recognized as serious medical disorders. Research indicates that sleep apnea and PTSD are comorbid. This is a phenomenon that occurs […]