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Famous (and Sort of Famous) Dental Hygienists

Although dentists and dental hygienists work closely together, their job descriptions differ greatly. Hygienists focus on cleaning teeth, while dentists provide treatment relating to teeth, gums, and mouth. Sometimes people are lucky enough to find a passion and advance it into a career. But ever so often, opportunities develop or life takes a turn of […]

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Dental Technology Trends of 2019

How Dental Technology is Dramatically Improving the Industry Did you know that dentistry dates all the way back to 3000 BC? Before modern dentistry was created, ancient civilizations were creating toothbrushes out of animal hairs and twigs. Since then, the industry has been rapidly progressing thanks to the introduction of technology. In today’s society, many […]

4 Types of Toothpaste for Any Issue

Protect Your Smile: Learn the Types of Toothpaste Too Many Options? No Problem! Strong, consistent oral care is a necessity if you want your smile to stay healthy and bright. That means resupplying before you run out of toothpaste, trading out your toothbrush every three months, and replenishing your spool of floss. While the bristles […]


6 Reasons People Can’t Stand Their CPAP

Do you ever feel like you often have difficulty focusing, are excessively tired after a full night of sleep, snore loudly, or wake up with a dry throat? These are all common symptoms of sleep apnea, a condition that halts your breathing periodically throughout the night.   Over the years, the disorder has become more […]

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Is it a Myth That Brushing Twice a Day is Good for Your Teeth?

Why People Don’t Brush You’re probably busy with work, school, cooking, housework, and everything in between. And when you’re not busy, there are so many other things you could be doing instead of brushing your teeth.  It’s such a small step in your day and it might seem trivial to miss it. So, you skip […]