Cosmetic Dentistry

Female dentist standing in an exam room smiling

Famous (and Sort of Famous) Dental Hygienists

Although dentists and dental hygienists work closely together, their job descriptions differ greatly. Hygienists focus on cleaning teeth, while dentists provide treatment relating to teeth, gums, and mouth. Sometimes people are lucky enough to find a passion and advance it into a career. But ever so often, opportunities develop or life takes a turn of […]

4 Types of Toothpaste for Any Issue

Protect Your Smile: Learn the Types of Toothpaste Too Many Options? No Problem! Strong, consistent oral care is a necessity if you want your smile to stay healthy and bright. That means resupplying before you run out of toothpaste, trading out your toothbrush every three months, and replenishing your spool of floss. While the bristles […]

A woman looking at her teeth in a mirror and touching one of her teeth

The Dangers of DIY Dentistry

Is “Do It Yourself” Dentistry Dangerous? Everyone wants to have a beautiful, flawless smile, but not everyone wants to pay thousands of dollars to achieve this. To save money, many people are creating ways they can fix their teeth at home. They’re using more affordable materials and even creating and following Youtube tutorials to repair […]

young woman flossing

The Importance of Flossing

Flossing is considered to be a crucial aspect of maintaining your oral health. Most people have been told to floss every day since they were little kids. But how important really is flossing, and how exactly does it improve your oral health?   Explore our informative guide to learn why flossing is so valuable. What […]

A surprised man and woman with their hands over their mouths

Does Biting Your Nails Damage Your Teeth?

Nail-biting is a habit many people develop at some point in their life. Whether they do it to shorten their nails, are anxious, or just bored, it can often be a habit that’s hard to break. It might even seem harmless. However, biting your nails can affect more than just the appearance of your nails. […]