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Why You Should Get an Oral Cancer Screening

What Is an Oral Cancer Screening? An oral cancer screening is an exam performed by a dentist to look for signs of cancer or precancerous characteristics in your mouth. The process is quick and painless, allowing dentists to complete it in under five minutes during your regular check-up. Dental exams and check-ups should generally take […]

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Hard Seltzers and Their Effects on Your Teeth

Is Hard Seltzer Damaging Your Teeth? When you walk into any grocery store’s alcohol section or any bar or restaurant, chances are you’ll see various brands of hard seltzers. During the last few years, hard seltzers have skyrocketed in popularity and have become many people’s drink of choice. But are these drinks causing damage to […]

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How Gum Disease Evolves

What is Gum Disease? Have you ever experienced swollen or bleeding gums right after you’ve completed your dental hygiene regimen? Sometimes this can occur if your gums aren’t in the best condition. Due to an overabundance of bacterial growth, this is where the start of gum disease occurs. Also known periodontal disease, this condition is […]

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Is It Possible to Regrow Teeth?

Is It Possible for Humans to Regrow Teeth? Losing Teeth We can regrow our hair, skin, and fingernails — so why not teeth? Other vertebrates can regenerate teeth many times over, like the alligator, who can replace each of their teeth up to 50 times. Meanwhile, we humans only get one set of baby teeth […]

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Which Sports Are Worst For Your Teeth?

Sports are highly enjoyed by not only Americans but also most other countries in the world. Playing a sport is seen as a fun form of physical activity as well as a way to bond with others and even make friends. However, the fast-paced aspect of them can make your teeth vulnerable to damage. According […]