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The History of Teeth Brushing

For many, getting up and brushing your teeth in the morning is as natural as choosing an outfit or cooking a meal. But dental hygiene hasn’t always been a part of the common routine. It took a few centuries for people to catch onto the feeling of fresh breath and satisfaction pearly whites. But you’d […]

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3 Advantages of a Holistic Dentist

What’s Different About a Holistic Dentist? With the rising popularity of natural medicine, all kinds of doctors and medical professionals have been taking note and many have changed their practices. Though dentistry involves many chemicals and it can be difficult to use natural materials, some are determined to find a way. Holistic dentists, also called […]

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5 Signs Your Partner Has Sleep Apnea

Your partner is the person that you likely spend the most time with, so everything from their daily habits to their sleep pattern can have an impact on your life. If they’re waking up feeling irritated or causing you to have restless nights, it’s possible they’re suffering from sleep apnea. This condition causes a person […]

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The Most Beneficial Vegetables for Your Oral Hygiene

Vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet and help reduce your risk of serious diseases. As a kid, you may have hated eating your vegetables — especially the green ones. But, as you get older you start discovering all the benefits they provide for your body and how to make them taste better. […]

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Soft Bristle vs. Hard Bristle Toothbrushes

Choosing a Toothbrush: Soft Bristles vs Hard Bristles Keeping your smile clean will ensure it stays beautiful and healthy. It’s not only crucial that you brush and floss consistently, but also that you use dental products that are best for your mouth and recommended by the American Dental Association as well. While the first toothbrush […]