Dental History

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The History of Teeth Brushing

For many, getting up and brushing your teeth in the morning is as natural as choosing an outfit or cooking a meal. But dental hygiene hasn’t always been a part of the common routine. It took a few centuries for people to catch onto the feeling of fresh breath and satisfaction pearly whites. But you’d […]

The Father of Modern Orthodontics: Edward Hartley Angle

The Emergence of Orthodontia Dr. Edward Hartley Angle has stimulated more progress and dichotomy in the field of orthodontia than any other individual in relative history. In fact, most people consider him the father of modern orthodontics. By the 20th century, Dr. Angle dominated the emergence of “orthodontia as a science and a specialty.” He […]


Aristotle’s Contributions to Dentistry

Thanks to thousands of years of scientific discovery, today’s dentists like Dr. Shaylar M. Hatch have a number of advanced tools at their disposal for treating dental issues. He offers a full array of services to keep your smile healthy and looking its best. It wasn’t always this way. Modern dentists like Dr. Hatch owe […]

Four Times Forensic Dentistry Influenced Wrongful Convictions

Recognizing the Rate of Error Within the last decade, forensic odontology (dentistry) has sparked off a cause for concern due to the rate of error in bite mark identification. There have been a multitude of cases where DNA results exposed the misjudgment of bite mark analysis, which led to wrongful arrests and convictions. Dentists like […]

4 Types of Toothpaste for Any Issue

Protect Your Smile: Learn the Types of Toothpaste Too Many Options? No Problem! Strong, consistent oral care is a necessity if you want your smile to stay healthy and bright. That means resupplying before you run out of toothpaste, trading out your toothbrush every three months, and replenishing your spool of floss. While the bristles […]