Dental Myths

woman with long brown hair flossing in bathroom

Is It a Myth That Flossing is Good for Your Teeth?

Lots of People Don’t Floss If you don’t floss very often, there are lots of people like you. According to surveys, there are three types of flossers: people who floss every day, people who don’t floss at all, and people who floss sometimes.   It’s easy to understand why opinions on flossing are so divided. […]

coke bottles in a vending machine

Diet Soda is Just as Bad for Your Teeth as Regular Soda

How Soda Harms Your Teeth You’re probably no stranger to the fact that sugar leads to tooth decay. In addition to other health effects, many sodas are chock full of sugar. Sugar has long been associated with the development of cavities and health conditions.   Dentist Dr. Miriam Dani in Kenilworth, IL often warns her […]

A woman holding a banana and smiling

Are Bananas Good For Your Oral Health?

Are Bananas Good or Bad for your Teeth? Fruit comes in many forms and is widely enjoyed thanks to its sweetness. When most people think of fruit, they think of it as one of the healthiest foods to eat, similar to vegetables. There’s no such thing as too much fruit, right? Although they’re healthier than […]

A tooth with milk forming a heart around it

Can a Glass of Milk Save Your Lost Tooth?

Can a Glass of Milk Save Your Lost Tooth? Have you ever heard the saying that a glass of milk can save a knocked-out tooth? Our teeth are vulnerable to injury every day, so it’s important to know how to save them if this occurs. For years, dentists have been telling their patients to put […]

Do Root Canals Cause Cancer?

Do Root Canals Cause Cancer? The C Word Cancer is a word that nobody wants to hear. It sets off internal alarms, striking fear and dread in people of all ages. Whether it’s your diagnosis or that of someone you care about, this life-altering disease can develop because of lifestyle habits — such as smoking […]