A Safe Halloween: Tricks to Avoid & Treats to Enjoy

Halloween is right around the corner, and for some, it’s a frightening season for your oral health. Here’s a list of two candies to avoid, two to indulge in, and two for the health nut of the family.

Stay Away From These Tricks

The scariest part of Halloween isn’t the ghosts and goblins, but being lured into indulging in some tricky sweets. These candies seem harmless, but not for those pearly whites. Here are two candies you should avoid this season.

1. 3 Musketeers

It’s easy to give in to this delicious treat. But don’t be fooled, a single 3 Musketeer bar has more sugar than a can of coke. Now that spells trouble for your teeth. 

Let’s sum it up–one bar has 262 calories, 40g of sugar, and 25% of your daily saturated fat. That’s more sugar than a full-size Milky Way and Snickers. A single 3 Musketeers treat has almost double the limit of sugar recommended for women.

Consuming too much sugar can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Experienced dentists, like Dr. K. Ashraf, stress the importance of regular teeth cleanings to remove plaque buildup and prevent cavities.


2. Skittles

Experience the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. Face the cavities. The gummy texture of Skittles can make a real mess of your teeth. This candy can get stuck in between your teeth and be hard to remove, causing bacteria to grow.

Here’s the low-down –three fun-size packages contain 190 calories, 2g of fat, and 34g of sugar. Meanwhile, a normal-size bag contains 46g of sugar. Sadly, Skittles aren’t much more than artificial colors and processed sugars.

The ingredient list is comprised of an unnatural chemical list of sugars, modified corn starch, and corn syrup. The contents don’t even come close to resembling real food.


Indulge In These Treats

Improper dental care can increase your risk of developing oral infections such as gum disease and tooth decay. Dentists like Dr. Eugene Stanislaus in Brooklyn, NY, offer various tooth restoration solutions to restore your smile. 

It’s ok to splurge on Halloween candy, but make sure to floss and brush your teeth twice a day to get rid of any lingering bacteria. Here are two treats you can give into without feeling guilty.

1. Smarties

Indulge your sweet tooth with a roll of Smarties. This gluten-free, peanut-free, and dairy-free treat is a hit when it comes to choosing a candy on the healthier side.

Summing it up–one roll of Smarties has 25 calories, 0g of fat, and 5g of sugar. It’s low in the stuff we want to avoid, plus it’s vegan. Go ahead and unroll some Smarties, there’s no need to worry with this sweet candy.


2. Nestlé Crunch

Chocolate lovers can enjoy their guilty pleasure minus the guilt. Nestlé Crunch bars are one of the lightest chocolate bars on the list.

In a nutshell–a single fun-size bar contains 50 calories, 2.5g of fat, and 5.5g of sugar. This rich, creamy delight is made with 100% real milk chocolate, rice, sugar, milk, and vanilla–all with no artificial flavors or colors.

A Nestlé Crunch bar is a perfect treat for sharing or snacking on while watching your favorite horror movie.


Picks for the Health Nut

Committed dentists, like Dr. Bloomquist in Gig Harbor, WA, emphasize the importance of your health and wellness. Your oral health is an opening to various systemic health concerns, which is why you should prioritize your overall well-being.

For the person who prefers a healthier option–here’s two treats that won’t scare your teeth.

1. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

This vegan alternative is the highest quality, organic chocolate bar available. It’s Rainforest Alliance certified and made of 100% organic ingredients. Some include high levels of antioxidants, fiber, and iron. 

As an added bonus, it’s gluten-free, kosher-free, and dairy-free. It even has less sugar than milk chocolate. Next time you’re craving a chocolate treat, try this organic option.


2. SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears

These sweet gummies contain non-GMO ingredients and are free from sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. They’re naturally sweetened with plant-based Stevia and contain 76% less sugar than other gummy bears.

SmartSweets are free of gluten, dairy, soy, and lactose. Plus they’re tree nut and peanut-free. Each bag of gummies contains raspberry, apple, lemon, and peach flavors.


Be Smart This Halloween

If you can’t keep your hand out of the candy jar, then be smart this Halloween. Avoid candies high in sugar, additives, and artificial chemicals. If you have the will-power, try skipping the sweets all-together. But if you’re like the rest of us and choose to indulge, don’t forget to brush your teeth to keep clear of cavities.