Dental Apps to Help Children Improve Their Brushing

A young boy brushing his teeth and smiling

Making Oral Hygiene a Fun Activity

One of the hardest parts about raising kids is getting them to maintain their hygiene on their own. All they want to do is play and have fun, so brushing their teeth is the last thing on their minds. If you do get them to complete this task, they will probably do it quickly and usually not well.


However, if you turn their oral hygiene routine into a game and explain what can happen if they don’t brush their teeth, it may motivate them to try harder. Technology devices are something most kids love playing with, so experts have created entertaining apps to encourage good oral hygiene.


Discover some of the free ones that dentists such as Dr. Seth Larson in Prescott Valley, AZ recommend.

My Bright Smile

This app is the perfect mix of entertainment and education. It has a two-minute timer that plays a song while your child is brushing their teeth. The My Bright Smile App also prepares them for the dentist. It shows videos and pictures of what will happen when they visit the dentist and why they shouldn’t be afraid to go.


Dentists like Dr. Rebecca Lauck in Keller, TX say that your child will be less nervous about dental appointments if you prepare them and make it an exciting place to go.


In addition to all this, there are games they can play within the app as well. These interactive activities teach them about foods that are good and bad for their teeth and the importance of flossing.

Brush DJ

Brush DJ is a good app for kids of all ages. It allows them to choose any song that they want from your device and even plays it for exactly two minutes. With an endless amount of songs to choose from, they’ll never get bored from playing the same song.


Brush DJ lets you customize the features by choosing the age of your child. It’ll provide short animated videos about how to properly carry out oral hygiene tasks. You can even set reminders telling them when to brush or floss their teeth and when their next appointment is.


If your child is big into playing games, they’ll love the Toothsavers app. It consists of a variety of games that each include multiple levels to beat. Every time they brush their teeth, they’ll receive stars and unlock new characters.


Your child’s progress is saved on a colorful map, so they can see what they’ve accomplished and how many times they have to brush to beat the entire game.

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

This is a great app for Disney lovers. It works with Crest and Oral B toothbrushes and toothpastes, and all you have to do is scan the product to get started.


Every time they brush, new characters will be unlocked. There’s 20 different characters to unlock, and each one gives your child a virtual sticker to keep in the sticker book. The app even features a mystery Disney picture that is fully revealed after the brushing timer goes off.

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H2: Other Ways to Make Brushing Fun

There are so many ways to make brushing and flossing fun for your child, and choosing which ones to introduce to them can prevent them from getting cavities. Consider the following if you’re having trouble getting your child to brush and floss thoroughly:

  1. Choose character products — regular toothbrushes and toothpastes can be boring, but choosing a product that has a picture of their favorite character will make them excited to use it.
  2. Try an electric toothbrush — having to manually move the toothbrush around each tooth for two minutes can be tedious, but a toothbrush that automatically moves can make it easier for them.
  3. Have them brush with a buddy — either encourage them to brush when you brush or get them an extra toothbrush to practice on a doll or stuffed animal with.

Why Good Oral Hygiene is Important for Your Child

Since getting your child to brush twice a day for two minutes each time can be a struggle, it may be easy for you to give up and just let them brush whenever they want. You might think that since they still have their baby teeth, they’re just going to fall out anyway.


However, your child’s oral hygiene when they’re young can directly affect their dental health when they get older. Tooth brushing is a habit that needs to be instilled at a young age so that it becomes a normal part of their routine when their adult teeth grow in. Poor oral hygiene can cause them to develop gum disease, as well as crooked teeth.


Dentists like Dr. Michele Taylor in Renton, WA encourage parents to bring their child every six months to have their teeth cleaned and their oral health evaluated.