The Dangers of DIY Dentistry

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Is “Do It Yourself” Dentistry Dangerous?

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, flawless smile, but not everyone wants to pay thousands of dollars to achieve this. To save money, many people are creating ways they can fix their teeth at home. They’re using more affordable materials and even creating and following Youtube tutorials to repair their teeth.

While doing dental work at home seems like a good way to save money and time, DIY dentistry can be very dangerous and cause further problems with your teeth. Find out what can happen if you attempt any of these “do it yourself” dental projects without a dentist’s guidance.

Teeth Whitening With Citrus Fruits

One of the most popular trends this year is whitening your teeth at home. Obtaining a brighter smile boosts your confidence and gives you a youthful glow. While this can be done using safe, ADA approved products, people have been using fruit to whiten their teeth. Articles and videos suggest using strawberries, orange peels, and lemon peels to remove stains from your teeth.

While consuming these fruits from time to time can help prevent your teeth from becoming discolored, eating too much or rubbing them directly on your teeth can damage your enamel. Most fruits are high in acidity, which can wear away your enamel and cause irreversible damage.

If you want to whiten your teeth at home, talk to a dentist, such as Dr. John Nosti in Mays Landing, NJ, to learn about take-home whitening kits or safe whitening kits you can buy in the store.

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Filling Cavities at Home

When bacteria infect a tooth, it quickly causes the tooth to decay if it’s not treated right away. Getting a cavity filled requires having your mouth numbed so a dentist can remove the bacteria and fill the tooth with dental material.

People choose to perform their own fillings because they’re afraid of the dentist, don’t have dental insurance, or think they’re easy to do themselves. They do this by cleaning out their infected tooth with products such as mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide and then filling it with cheap metal adhesives.

These DIY fillings often become reinfected, causing the tooth to become worse. Implantolgists such as Dr. Reger in San Antonio, TX say that they’ve received patients who have tried to fix their own teeth but failed. This resulted in the need for extraction and replacement of the tooth.

Homemade Braces

When people suffer from crooked teeth, this often makes them embarrassed to smile around others. However, braces are one of the most expensive dental treatments and cost thousands of dollars.

Because many people can’t afford professional orthodontic treatment or don’t have dental insurance, they have found materials to make DIY braces. They take materials such as wire, string, or even paperclips and wrap them around their crooked teeth to pull them straight.

Making your own braces is not only ineffective but can also damage your teeth, gums, and jawbone. The wires that are pulling on your teeth can break the ligaments and bones attached to them. This can cause your teeth to become loose and eventually fall out.

Orthodontists go through extensive training to learn how to apply your braces so that they gradually shift your teeth. Although the price seems high, it’s necessary to ensure your braces are made of the highest quality materials that won’t cause oral infection.

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Mail Order Mouthguards to Treat Bruxism

Bruxism is another name for teeth grinding, and many people experience this during the night while they sleep. It’s common knowledge that when you put something such as a nightguard between your teeth, they’ll be unable to grind together. What patients don’t realize, is that each person grinds their teeth differently and for different reasons.

A recent DIY bruxism trend was ordering a universal night guard online and receiving it in the mail. Wearing a mass-produced mouth guard that’s not customized to your exact teeth can lead to the uneven wearing of the teeth and won’t cure bruxism.

Since bruxism can be a sign of a sleep disorder, get in touch with a sleep dentist such as Dr. Sheila Birth in Fort Worth, TX to have your condition evaluated. If necessary, she may provide you with a customized nightguard called an oral appliance.

Explore Your Options Safely

Do it your self dentistry is dangerous for your oral health and can even make your dental issues worse. Dentists use medical grade materials to remove bacteria from your mouth and correct the problem efficiently. They offer different treatment options to cater to your lifestyle and budget.

If you’re unable to afford professional dental care, talk to your dentist about financing your procedure. Most practices accept payment methods such as CareCredit. This is a financial company that helps you pay for your dental care at your own pace with minimal interest rates.

While dentists make their job look easy at times and use materials that look simple to replicate, there is a lot more skill and technique that goes into the high-quality results that they provide you with.