Four Apps to Make Brushing Fun for Adults

A man and woman looking at a phone and brushing their teeth

The Top Dental Apps for Adults

Brushing your teeth is the most important step of your dental hygiene routine, and dentists recommend doing this at least twice a day. Since bacteria is all around you, including in the food you eat, your teeth are vulnerable to decay. That’s why it’s essential to not just brush your teeth, but to brush them thoroughly.

Dentists such as Dr. Kenneth Troutman in Huntingburg, IN, suggest brushing for two minutes each time you brush. This ensures that you’re reaching every area of your teeth and removing all of the plaque that might be stuck to them. If you’re struggling to brush for at least two minutes every time or just need more motivation to brush, check out these helpful dental apps that you can download.

1. Brush DJ

Unless you’re already using a timer app when you brush your teeth, you probably just brush your teeth for a certain length of time and assume it’s been two minutes. With the Brush DJ app, you’re able to know exactly how long you’re brushing without having to guess.

This app lets you choose a song from your own personal library or online and plays exactly two minutes of it. That way when the song stops playing, you know you’ve brushed long enough. The app also allows you to set reminders to do things like buy a new toothbrush, schedule a dentist appointment, or even let you know when it’s time to brush.

2. Brushy

An important part of brushing is making sure you brush every inch of your teeth — even the hard to reach areas that are hard to see. Brushy is an app that helps you remember to do this. It shows you a diagram of a mouth and indicates which section of your teeth to brush and for how long.

The app also features a simple timer that counts down from two minutes so you know how long to brush for. Thanks to the visual aid it offers, Brushy is perfect for people who need a reminder to brush more thoroughly.

3. Teeth Whitener

Having a white smile can boost your confidence and oral health as well. According to dentists like Dr. Randy Allain in Highland, MI, the whiter your teeth are, the more motivated you are to maintain them. On the other hand, having a dull smile will likely make you want to improve it by brushing regularly with whitening toothpastes.

Teeth Whitener is an app that allows you to upload a picture of yourself to see what you would look like with whiter teeth. It also allows you to track your progress and compare your current smile to past versions of your smile. Download this app to receive motivation to brush daily so you can achieve the smile of your dreams.

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4. Colgate Connect

If you’re looking for a more advanced, personalized brushing app, try the Colgate Connect app. While it does require you to purchase the compatible toothbrush to use the app, users have found that it dramatically improves their oral health.

This app has a wide variety of features to help you improve your brushing. Not only does it include a two-minute timer, but it also allows you to upload a diagram of your own set of teeth. It even shows you spots that you missed and highlights areas that need extra attention.

The app also includes a fun game that lets you unlock new characters while you brush, making it a great app for children as well.

Seeking Additional Dental Care

Mobile apps are a great way to make sure you’re brushing your teeth consistently, but there are other important aspects of maintaining good oral health. Some of these include flossing frequently and choosing a good, alcohol-free mouthwash. It’s recommended that you floss and rinse your mouth with mouthwash at least once a day.

Visiting your dentist regularly for checkups is also crucial. Dentists like Dr. Irfan Ahmad in Orlando, FL say that it’s best to visit them at least every six months. During these exams, they can polish your teeth, take x-rays, and provide you with oral hygiene resources.

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Finding a Routine That Works For You

Whether you choose one of the apps listed above or a combination of them to switch up your routine, it’s essential to find an oral hygiene routine that you’re able to stick to daily. Even just forgetting to brush your teeth once, or not reaching all areas of your teeth can cause cavities or oral infection.