A woman looking at her teeth in a mirror and touching one of her teeth

The Dangers of DIY Dentistry

Is “Do It Yourself” Dentistry Dangerous? Everyone wants to have a beautiful, flawless smile, but not everyone wants to pay thousands of dollars to achieve this. To save money, many people are creating ways they can fix their teeth at home. They’re using more affordable materials and even creating and following Youtube tutorials to repair […]

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Is It a Myth That Flossing is Good for Your Teeth?

Lots of People Don’t Floss If you don’t floss very often, there are lots of people like you. According to surveys, there are three types of flossers: people who floss every day, people who don’t floss at all, and people who floss sometimes.   It’s easy to understand why opinions on flossing are so divided. […]

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The Importance of Flossing

Flossing is considered to be a crucial aspect of maintaining your oral health. Most people have been told to floss every day since they were little kids. But how important really is flossing, and how exactly does it improve your oral health?   Explore our informative guide to learn why flossing is so valuable. What […]

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Is Bad Dental Health Genetic?

How Much Control Do You Have? Have you ever met someone who always eats sugary, unhealthy foods but never has a cavity? Or someone who brushes and flosses routinely but seems to be riddled with dental health issues? It might be due to genetics.   There are some common dental health conditions that may develop […]

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Diet Soda is Just as Bad for Your Teeth as Regular Soda

How Soda Harms Your Teeth You’re probably no stranger to the fact that sugar leads to tooth decay. In addition to other health effects, many sodas are chock full of sugar. Sugar has long been associated with the development of cavities and health conditions.   Dentist Dr. Miriam Dani in Kenilworth, IL often warns her […]